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This is the page where EONI will share our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated 2 May 2020

Changes to EONI work operations to combat COVID-19

EONI remains open with significant changes to our work operations as we confront the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes are prompted out of concern for the welfare of our customers and employees. We have been practicing social distancing and other interventions that we felt were adequate for safety and consistent with the instructions of Oregon’s governor and public health officials.

Until further notice, based on the evidence provided by the medical and scientific community, we continue with the following changes to our normal operations.

The main office at 216 Chestnut Street will not be regularly staffed nor be available for entry by customers. In fact, our customer service and technical support staff will be performing their tasks almost exclusively via telecommuting.

All customer focused business will be done in manners that do not require person-to-person contact.

Customers who need to make payments in person should place their payments in an envelope that contains their payment slip from their invoice or include customer name, account number and phone number to contact them if we have any questions. Our front door at 216 Chestnut St, La Grande OR has a payment drop slot.

When customers need to contact our customer service or technical support, they may do so via telephone, email or text.

If customers wish to call, please call 541-962-7873 and follow the corresponding prompts. In most cases you will need to leave a voice message, and our staff will do their best to promptly return your call.

Customers may also use our web-based form to seek assistance; the following link takes you to this form:


Customer premise service installations and on-site visits are continuing.  In most cases, we are not entering customer premises.  We have procedures in place to install service that will be explained to you by our customer service, dispatch and technical support staff; these procedures take into account the safety of our customers and our employees.

EONI will continue to perform necessary work such as maintenance and repairs to EONI facilities. You may see EONI personnel arriving at, departing from or working at the EONI office or other locations. We will continue to keep our services operational and fully functioning.

With regards to EONI staff, we do not anticipate laying off any of our valued employees. All employees will have tasks to complete during these operational changes. How we accomplish the many tasks we have will simply need modification during this unprecedented challenge.