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Changes To EONI Technical Support Policies

Changes To EONI Technical Support Policies

Effective September 1, 2008

Effective September 1, 2008, EONI will no longer provide technical support for computer systems running older versions of operating systems that no longer have official technical support from the manufacturer. This affects both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. Computers running the operating systems below are affected.


Any version of Windows 98 or Windows Millennium (Windows ME) will not be supported as of September 1, 2008. Stated another way, where Microsoft operating systems are on your computer, EONI will only offer technical support if your computer is currently officially supported by Microsoft. Microsoft ended technical support for Windows 98 and Windows ME on July 11, 2006. (For reference, Microsoft technical support for earlier products, like Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.x ended earlier than the 2006 date. EONI ended technical support for these products several years ago.)


Any version of Apple software earlier than OS 10.2 will not be supported by EONI as of September 1, 2008.

What exactly does this mean for you as an EONI customer?

The following list is a more detailed explanation.

  1. Internet access: If you call for technical support for your Internet access and you have a computer running Windows 98, Windows ME, any older Microsoft operating systems noted above, or an Apple/Macintosh computer running OS 9.x or older, EONI cannot provide you assistance with your Internet connection or any Internet application such as email or web browsers. You may be able to make your computer running one of these operating systems work with EONI Internet access, but EONI cannot offer you technical support with your connection.
  2. Computer repairs: If you bring your computer in to EONI for any kind of repair and your computer is running an operating system not supported by Apple or Microsoft, EONI will not work on your computer. Drivers, patches and antivirus and other important software is generally not available for Windows 98 and older Microsoft operating systems. Further, some hardware manufacturers are no longer making devices that are certified compatible with these operating systems. Thus, EONI can no longer offer repairs or support for these older systems.
  3. Currently supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Apple OS 10.2 through 10.5 are the most common operating systems in use on computers today. EONI provides technical support for these desktop operating systems. Microsoft still offers support for Windows 2000 Professional and Server products; thus, EONI continues to support those two operating systems as well.
  4. Computers running operating systems other than officially supported Microsoft and Apple products: While there are a number of other operating systems in use, most notably a number of Linux based operating systems, EONI does not offer technical support or computer repair services for these systems. You may be able to use these with EONI Internet access, but you do so with no EONI technical support beyond providing you our available access information and settings that is generally available on the EONI web site; see: http://home.eoni.com/support.cfm.