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Email and Personal File Storage Policy

Revised February 4, 2010


no longer accessible, permanently destroyed
email message:
a specific electronically composed and transmitted communication. The communication may include text, pictures, audio, video, documents or other attached files.
EONI WebMail:
a system designed for EONI customers to use to access their eoni.com email account. Access to EONI WebMail is accomplished using a standard web browser, Internet access, username and password.
EONI user email storage space:
The total amount of storage space in megabytes consumed by messages stored on EONI servers for a specific user.
EONI quarantine:
Email messages scanned and determined to be unwanted are placed into the Quarantine. The scanning process is automated and is not warranted to be free from error. Email messages are placed into the quarantine to allow some time for the email users to review each message held in the quarantine to determine if they need to be delivered rather than held in the quarantine.
Personal File Storage
Files managed by EONI users that are accessed via the Internet hostname ftp.eoni.com or www.eoni.com/~username. Historically personal file storage has also been referred to as “personal web space”. Personal file storage is updated by EONI customers by using a username and password for the EONI customer account. Not all EONI usernames may be used for personal web space. Personal file storage may be read by any user of the Internet without any special password. Use of personal file storage must be in accordance with the EONI acceptable use policy, terms and conditons and other applicable documents located here . For additional information about this service, please contact EONI .

Email Policy

EONI User Email Storage Quota

EONI user email storage space shall not exceed the allocated quota for a user. New email messages may be returned to sender or otherwise not delivered if the mailbox is already at or near the allocated quota. Unless specified otherwise the default quota is 1000 megabytes (which is equal to 1 gigabyte).

Outgoing email limitations

  • The maximum size of an outgoing email message is 50 megabytes. Please note that files attached to email are larger when attached to an email message than when stored on your computer. It is possible that a 20 megabyte file attachment is 60 megabytes when attached to an email message.
  • Each mailbox is allowed to send 300 messages per day.
  • The maximum number of email addresses/recipients that may be specified in a single outgoing email message is 100.
  • Each mailbox is allowed to send to up to 1000 email addresses/recipients per day. Recipients per day is defined as the number of all email addresses in the To:, Cc: and Bcc: lines in all messages sent by an eoni.com email address in a 24 hour period.
  • All eoni.com email addresses must send outgoing email using the server smtp.eoni.com and using SMTP authentication. Email sent using a different outgoing server may be considered spam.

EONI WebMail Sent Items Retention

Email messages composed and sent using EONI’s WebMail system are normally stored in the Sent Items folder within the EONI WebMail system. Email messages in the Sent Items folder are subject to deletion after 30 days.

EONI Quarantine Retention

Email messages in the EONI.COM Quarantine are subject to deletion after 5 days.

Dormant EONI Incoming Email Accounts

Any eoni.com email account that has not been accessed (checked via standard Internet POP3 protocol or had new messages viewed in EONI WebMail) for more 120 days may be subject to email account deactivation. Email account deactivation includes deletion of all messages stored in the email box (including any subfolders) for an email account. In addition, any new messages to the email account will be returned to the sender with the message indicating the user is unknown.

Personal Files Policy

Unless specified otherwise the default quota of allowed disk space for the personal file storage service is 25 megabytes.