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Supplemental Agreement for EONI Dialup Internet Service

Supplemental Agreement for EONI Dialup Internet Service (hereafter Service)

Revised December 11, 2007

  1. EONI does not assert or claim that Service is available at all locations. Where available, actual Service speed varies depending on Service location, environmental conditions, computer performance/configuration, network/Internet congestion and other factors. Service is provided on an AS IS basis and throughput speeds and availability of the Service is not guaranteed. Uninterrupted or error-free service is specifically not guaranteed. Additional terms and conditions apply to this agreement that may be found on the Internet at http://home.eoni.com/legal/ (hereafter referred to as “Policy Page”).
  2. EONI grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use EONI services on any computer where you are the primary User. You may use each license on another computer so long as only one computer is using Service at any one time. If you have more than one computer and need simultaneous access to Service, then you need additional concurrent user session license(s). If you have needs for additional licenses, please contact us.
  3. Unless otherwise granted you in writing, your access is defined as “unmetered interactive access.” This does not mean or imply that you are permitted to be connected 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We expect Users to be in front of their computer using the system when connected. Users who access Service for more than 150 hours per month may be required to upgrade or discontinue use of Service.
  4. User shall provide its own computer and telecommunications equipment necessary to access EONI services. User is solely responsible for all local and long-distance telephone charges for connecting to EONI services. EONI shall have no responsibility in any manner for any charges or tariffs related to any User telephone connection or online services of any entity accessed by or for the User.
  5. Payment: Monthly payments will be made automatically by valid credit card, debit card, or ACH only, unless other payment arrangements have been authorized by EONI. Service Date will commence the first day Service is installed and tested at the Customer’s site. First month’s Service fee and any applicable setup fees are due on the Service Date. Subsequent monthly payments will be due one month from the Service Date. If payment is not received within ten (10) days of the due date, or Customer does not keep a valid credit card or bank account number on file with EONI, EONI may immediately terminate all services and retrieve all leased equipment.
  6. Your computer(s) must meet the minimum system requirements. (SeeMinimum System Requirements for EONI Internet Access.)
  7. By using Services, Customer agrees to and is subject to all the applicable terms and policies published at the Policy Page described in Section 1 of this agreement. All EONI terms, conditions, acceptable use and other policies related to EONI Services are subject to change at any time. EONI may change or modify the conditions, access speeds, pricing and other terms of this Service at any time without notice. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to review the EONI Web site for the current terms and policy.
  8. EONI is Eastern Oregon Net, Inc., an Oregon corporation and Internet Service Provider.