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Using EONI high speed Internet you have many options to replace traditional cable and satellite television (TV) services.  The delivery of TV over the Internet is called streaming.

EONI provides Internet and phone services, but does not provide TV service.  If you want TV service you can contact, subscribe and pay many TV service providers.  The TV service providers would be who you would contact if you have problems with your TV service.

The more screens streaming TV service at the same time the faster the Internet service you need.  

You can now subscribe to TV services and use your EONI high speed Internet to stream TV on your computer (phone, tablet, notebook, desktop) via the web or using an app provided by the TV service provider.  Some video game consoles such Xbox units provide streaming.

Most newer televisions include the capability of streaming some services. Check your TV instruction manual to see if your TV can stream services. Some TVs have better streaming capabilities than others. If your TV asks you about updating your TV software usually this is a good idea to update as it may improve your streaming experience.

If your TV has an HDMI connector, you can purchase a Roku streaming appliance and an HDMI cable.  Roku is very versatile and will allow streaming from several of the providers listed below. 

We have a tool you can use to find suggested streaming services to get your favorite content here.