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EONI, PriorityONE and Ziply

June 7, 2022 Ziply Fiber announced an agreement to acquire Eastern Oregon Net, Inc, (EONI).

As of February 1st, 2023, Eastern Oregon Net, Inc, (EONI) is now a Ziply Fiber company.  

PriorityONE was a subsidiary of EONI, and is now also a Ziply Fiber company.   

As part of the transition to Ziply Fiber’s network, customers are now subject to Ziply Fiber’s Terms and Conditions, and Ziply Fiber’s Corporate Policies.    

We are excited to join teams and work together to bring our community and customers an amazing internet experience and make reliable internet more accessible in more places. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What happens to EONI’s team because of this transaction? 
    EONI operations, including billing, customer service and customer support will remain as-is until further notice. EONI’s existing local team, led by Jeff Crews, is still operating in La Grande, OR, ensuring that customers still receive excellent customer service, Internet access and voice services.  
  1. Will prices change? 
    Plans under contract will be honored per the terms and conditions originally established by EONI and the customer. In the future, if changes occur, we will reach out to EONI customers proactively to migrate them to the Ziply Fiber platform. 
  1. What will happen to my eoni.com email address? 
    We do not anticipate any near-term changes to eoni.com emails. If a change happens, we will give our customers plenty of notice about any necessary actions that need to be taken.  

We know you may still have questions. We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and will communicate with our customers should changes occur. More questions?  Please contact us at 1-541-962-7873.