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EONI and Ziply

June 7, 2022 Ziply Fiber announced an agreement to acquire Eastern Oregon Net, Inc, (EONI).

This page will be updated with information and answers to questions EONI receives related to this announcement.

Questions and Answers

  1. What happens to EONI’s team because of this transaction?
    EONI operations, including billing, customer service and customer support will remain as is for quite
    some time. EONI’s existing team, led by Jeff Crews, will still be in La Grande during and after this transition, ensuring that customers receive excellent customer service, great Internet access and great voice services. 
    Kelly Mutch, EONI’s current president, will retire when this transaction closes later this year. Congrats to Kelly!
  2. Will prices change?
    Plans under contract will be honored per the terms and conditions originally established by EONI and the customer. We haven’t begun the process of determining how we’ll map EONI customers to specific Ziply Fiber plans, but will reach out to customers proactively after the deal closes and we begin migrating folks to the Ziply Fiber platform.
  3. What happens to my eoni.com email address?
    We do not anticipate any near-term change to eoni.com emails. If or when such a change happens, we will give our customers plenty of notice about any necessary changes. There are still many operational details to work through. We will be updating our web site with more information about this change over time.

We know you have lots of questions. Right now, nothing is changing. We will communicate with our customers via email and this web site if and when changes occur.