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Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. is better known as EONI.  Established in 1996, EONI is one of Oregon’s oldest Internet Service Providers.  EONI is based in La Grande, OR and primarily serves business and residential customers in Baker, Union and Wallowa counties.  In 1999, the founders of EONI created PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. (PriorityONE) which is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) – a competitive telephone company.  PriorityONE is wholly owned by EONI and is the entity providing voice and other services regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

EONI is proud to offer The Internet Done Right!tm – EONI’s high speed Internet access delivered over fiber-optic and wireless connections.  In addition to Internet access, EONI also offers equipment and services provide voice services to your home or business. 

Here’s a brief list of EONI services:

  • High speed Internet access.
  • Business and residential voice service.
  • Business phone systems

When you contact EONI, your questions will be answered by staff located in eastern Oregon who have detailed knowledge of our services and who can give you excellent service and support.  The EONI network is designed and maintained by staff who live and work in northeast Oregon.  EONI conducts thousands of network tests around the clock to ensure the Internet and other services are ready for business and personal use at all times.  Automatic backup power solutions, backup equipment and dedicated operations staff available 24 hours per day are coordinated to deliver solid, reliable and high performance services.

Thanks for taking a closer look at EONI.  We look forward to providing your service!