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inside support technician

EONI Technical Support personnel assist our customers using EONI services.  Most of the work performed is telephone based, but customer interactions can be in person, via email, via text, etc.  Technical support is provided for: broadband Internet access, provided by DSL, wireless and fiber services; email service; hosting services; and voice services (telecommunications).  EONI Technical Support staff, depending on experience and knowledge, provide internal support services that affect staff functions and network operations.  Activities performed by Technical Support include:

EONI Technical Support staff are expected to possess or develop familiarity with and knowledge of common Internet access issues; email client software, configuration and troubleshooting; equipment and technology used in customer networks, both wired and wireless; domains and hosting issues; and common telecommunications & voice related issues.  EONI Technical Support staff need technical expertise with common operating systems (preferably both Apple and Microsoft); Microsoft Office applications; and antivirus, malware and spyware software.  EONI Technical Support staff will have or acquire knowledge of remote desktop technologies; data backup; TCP/IP; DHCP; DNS; and VoIP.  There will be both a learning curve and a scaling up period associated with some of these responsibilities and tasks, and pertinent EONI staff will work together to provide adequate opportunity for training and skills development. 

Additional Criteria for Success at EONI

Role Classification: EONI is seeking applications for part-time & full-time positions.  Non-exempt position.  EONI is an “At Will” employer.

Starting Wage:  TBD.  Will be established based on experience and qualifications.

Hours:  EONI Technical Support is available from 7:00AM to 8:00PM Monday through Friday and from noon to 8:00PM Saturday.  Hours will be assigned as determined in coordination with the technical support supervisor. Flexibility with schedule is required as this job will periodically require work outside of normal business hours.

To apply, please follow these instructions: 1) prepare a handwritten cover letter to accompany your resume; 2) include a list of at least three references; 3) mail or deliver to:

Eastern Oregon Net, Inc.
attention: Job Openings
216 Chestnut St
​La Grande, OR 97850

How To Apply For An Unlisted Position


If you wish to submit a résumé for a job or position not listed above please follow these instructions:

  1. prepare a handwritten cover letter to accompany your résumé
  2. include a list of at least three references
  3. deliver to:

Dr. Kelly Mutch
Eastern Oregon Net, Inc.
216 Chestnut St
​La Grande, OR 97850

Why Choose EONI?

EONI provides a professional yet friendly and engaging workplace where you will serve as a key, integral team member.

As a small business that plays a leadership role in the community and region, experience with EONI quickly leads to greater and more diverse responsibilities than might be afforded by larger organizations in larger metropolitan areas  You’re not just a cog in the wheel at EONI.  Your efforts and diligence will be noticed and opportunities for enhanced experiences will come your way for the motivated individual.

Benefits like dental insurance and retirement plans are part of the package.

As a community member you will also enjoy the outdoor culture and recreation, an environment conducive to family living and educational facilities from primary to university level.